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Aim Two Three

About Us

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The bulk of the Retail Distribution Review is now is now with us.  It has, of course, meant significant change for Advice Firms, Product Manufactures, Fund Managers and all other players in the financial services market.  But that change has led to a more professional market where professional advisers not only provide a genuine client-centric service - but are known to do so.

Some change still needs to take place, some of it is regulatory in nature - ensuring that charges are disclosed in the way that the rules require, determining whether a firm is Independent or Restricted and what the nature of any restriction is - while other changes will simply be good business practice - dealing with clients efficiently, having the appropriate systems, having the appropriate people, reducing costs while providing a proper financial planning led service etc.

Aim Two Three works with advisory firms, manufacturers and fund managers to identify key problems and provide lasting solutions.

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Aim Two Three is not a conventional support provider. We consult with our subscribers to identify their problems, advise on possible solutions and then source those solutions, using accredited providers where we do not offer the relevant service directly.

Our Support Hub offers a range of processes, documentation, directories etc to advisory firms.  Some resources, particularly our directories, are included within the basic subscription fee (£280 pa) while others are available on a Pay As You Use basis for a minimal additional charge.

We are keen to assist and enable financial advisers, whether part of a medium or large business or working as a sole proprietorship to provide the level and consistency of service to which they aspire.

We work hard to bring clarity to areas where it most needed with support available on how and when to consider non-mainstream pooled investments and similar ‘products' as well as more mainstream areas such as Discretionary Fund Managers - where undertaking appropriate due diligence is often notoriously difficult.

Professional financial advice is not about ‘products‘, although they can be useful and must be understood and not misused, it is much more around understanding clients’ needs from an holistic viewpoint and making relevant recommendations which will often need no products at all.  The paraplanners and compliance consultants who we list in our directories understand this and have worked with financial planning practices for many years.

Our particular areas of interest include the new arena of Social Impact Investing (recognizing clients' commitment to seeing a specific social benefit from their investment(s), alongside a financial reward) and the need to promote Financial Awareness in schools, highlighting the need for financial understanding and personal responsibility amongst young people.

Aim Two Three is a member of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF).

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David Ingram


David set up Aim Two Three in August 2011 soon after leaving threesixty services llp.

Aim Two Three exists to provide independent, expert and informed support to advisory firms, product manufacturers and fund managers in the area of intermediated distribution, as the full effect of the Retail Distribution Review becomes clearer.

David was one of the co-founders of threesixty services llp which, after its launch in March 2003, quickly became one of the best regarded compliance and support businesses in the UK; a recognition which was in large part achieved due to the skills, expertise and hands-on approach of the founders.

Prior to setting up threesixty, in common with the other founders, David was a director at Bankhall (director - Resource Initiatives). At that time Bankhall still operated both directly regulated and network businesses.

He also has experience working as Head of Technical for National and Regional IFAs and two major product providers.

For most of his career, David has provided technical support (taxation, trusts and product/fund research) around independent, appointed representative and tied advisory businesses.

As a career long believer in the importance of financial planning, David is a founder member (and former Branch Chairman) of the Institute of Financial Planning and is the 2013/14 President of the Personal Finance Society.  David is a regular speaker at industry forums and an occasional commentator in the press (when assured of not being misquoted!). He is a member of the Association of Christian Financial Advisers (ACFA).

David’s numerous senior positions within high profile providers and distribution groups have provided him with invaluable experience in the administration of, and relationships between, businesses in the financial services arena.   

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