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Aim Two Three

Services For Advisory Firms

We offer the following services, amongst others:

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Compliance Consultancy

One of the biggest costs facing advisory firms is compliance support.  Within this area, the most expensive services can be face to face audits and file checking.

The typical cost of these services with conventional ‘Support Providers' can be £1,500 or more for a one day visit. There is the alternative of using local compliance consultants, typically charging £600 or less for the same service - but if you pick the wrong one this can be an even more expensive proposition.

Aim Two Three undertakes due diligence on suitably qualified regional compliance firms and provides its subscribers with a directory of approved firms which offer reliable and cost effective services.  There is no additional charge for this directory and we do not take any ‘commission‘ or ‘introducer fees' from the consultancy firms.

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Regulatory Support

Clearly the most important regulatory event in the last decade has been the introduction of the RDR. 

Aim Two Three works with subscribing advisory firms to help them to adopt the standards required by the RDR and to ensure that they understand fully the unnecessarily confused regulations around key issues such as ‘Independence‘, ‘Non Mainstream Pooled Investments’ etc.

We provide support around investment propositions (providing templates, reviewing existing processes etc) as well as helping firms to review the types of clients for whom the more esoteric (higher risk) retail investment products may be potentially appropriate.

Going forward we will be reviewing all other regulatory change in the same way, with the objective of helping advisory firms not only to survive but to prosper.

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Aim Two Three consults with advisory firms to find out what their needs are - in a variety of areas such as compliance, product research, report writing etc.

We review the support and resources they already have, and identify what they ideally need and where there may be gaps.  We advise them on a range of solutions and, where possible, seek to deliver these, either from our internal resources or via various external suppliers.

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Product Research

Aim Two Three also assists intermediaries in the currently complex task of undertaking sufficient analysis to enable them to ‘consider‘ products such as UCIS, VCT, EIS, Investment Trusts and Structured Products by providing ‘profiling‘ information as well as product analysis so that advisers can identify those few cases where use of the ‘riskier' products, some of which are Retail Investment Products may be appropriate.

We are also working with manufacturers to adopt common standards to make the task of comparing and understanding these products more straightforward.

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Ancillary Support

In attempting to provide solutions to intermediaries' needs and to enable firms to choose which services they require and who will provide and deliver these, Aim Two Three has compiled details of individuals and firms who offer services such as file checking (and other compliance), para-planning, technical information, pensions specialists, employment law, etc.   Aim Two Three makes these details available but any ongoing relationship between intermediaries and service providers will be independent of us.

Internally, we will continue to keep subscribers up-to-date with industry news and comment via ad hoc newsletters and bulletins, as well as drawing attention to important dates and deadlines, industry consultations and regulatory updates.

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Para-planning Services

At Aim Two Three, like many financial services professionals, we believe that the role of Para-planner can be a crucial one and that they can add significant value to any advisory proposition. 

Far from being a ‘cost‘, we consider Para-planners to be a ‘profit-centre' as they can take on much of the work currently done by advisers and business owners. 

Some firms employ their own Para-planners but for many this can be prohibitively expensive.  Fortunately, it is possible to outsource to a number of high quality and competent Para-planning businesses.  Of course, the key is to make sure that you utilize only the best of these businesses.

Aim Two Three undertakes due diligence on these businesses and provides its subscribers with a directory of approved Para-planning firms which offer reliable and cost effective services.  There is no additional charge for this directory and we do not take any ‘commission‘ or ‘introducer fees' from the consultancy firms. 

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