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Aim Two Three

Services For Manufacturers and Fund Managers

We offer the following services, amongst others:

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Market Intelligence

Aim Two Three is a support business which works with product manufacturers to help them to support the intermediary market. We undertake regular surveys and focus group workshops to determine what support intermediaries need.

There has been a noticable shift from ‘independent‘ to ‘restricted‘ within the industry since the Retail Distribution Review and it is therefore now more important than ever to identify your target audience and, with PROD, to ensure that your products are likely to be delivered to the target market. Obviously there are many flavours of ‘restricted‘ and many restricted firms will still want to operate on a ‘whole of market’ basis within their chosen sphere of operations.

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Regulatory Support

The introduction of the Retail Distribution Review was clearly one of the most important and challenging regulatory events in the history of the Financial Services Authority.

Although the RDR has been implemented for some time now, the FCA is only now undertaking a review to see how effective the new rules have been.

Aim Two Three will be working with product manufacturers and fund management groups to assess their current RDR position, to ensure that they meet the regulatory requirements around incentives and all forms of support.

We will also be keeping abreast of future Consultation Papers from the FCA to see the likely impact of new regulation on intermediary firms and manufacturers.

We will be seeking to help product manufacturers plan for the future in the knowledge that regulation which affects advisers also affects manufacturers and vice versa. Our ideal is for common interests to be identified and opportunities maximised.

The RDR is not the only regulatory issue that we need to keep on the radar, we will review all regulatory change in the same way with the same objectives.

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Going forward, where appropriate, we will work closely with these firms to help them to re-align their proposition in line with these constantly changing regulations. 

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Product Research

We will continue to work with product manufacturers to help with product design and undertake due diligence on some product types in order to help providers have comfort in including them within their product wrappers.

In particular we will be working with manufacturers of UCIS and other NMPI, VCT, Structured Products, discretionary propositions etc with a view to them adopting common standards to assist intermediaries in the currently complex task of undertaking sufficient analysis to enable them to fully ‘consider‘ these products as part of the ‘independent' advice process.

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